We have some Nice Time for you, and it is Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter building more houses for more people, as they do. This Habitat for Humanity house is in Fort Worth, Texas, one of over a hundred homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that Habitat is building or repairing in a manic burst of barn-raising this week.

ThereĀ areĀ some nice details in the news story that you could read, like how people are going to have roofs over their heads, and how many houses the Carters have helped build (3,800 in 30 years!), but mostly we just like knowing that at 90 (his birthday was last week, sorry we didn't send a card), Jimmy Carter is still the hammer-swinging best ex-president we could hope to have, and we think that he and Rosalynn are just the thing we needed today, and probably you too.



Doktor Zoom

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