Jimmy Carter: Hitler Without All the Shouting

Former President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Jimmy Carter is more or less a doddering old man who means well. But when he accidentally mentioned the nearly unmatched influence of AIPAC on American politicians and gave his new book a vaguely controversial title and kinda sympathized with Palestinians, he made a lot more enemies than just dudes who hate houses for poor people. Specifically, he angered the Jews, who control the media.

One of those Jews, an anthropology professor at Emory, wrote a column that reads like correspondence from a shtetl undergoing a Carter-led pogrom.

* "How ironic, then, that Jewish-Americans are embroiled in a grim struggle against a Christian former president who is tainting our holiday joy."

* "I don't recognize Carter any more. I am afraid of him now, for myself and for my children."

The rest of it is accusations of "ignoring the Holocaust" and "emboldening the terrorists" and shit like that but we prefer the idea that Prof. Konner is genuinely terrified that Carter will actually show up at his suburban Atlanta house and blow himself up on the front lawn or something.

Carter's About-Face Betrays Jews, Christians [AJC.com via Good Will Hinton]


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