Jimmy Carter is Mean

Former presidents rarely talk shit about their successors, according to the New York Times, except for when they do, which is kind of often. This is why it was such a shock to hear Jimmy Carter accurately point out how terrible and stupid this current administration is.

Carter is something of an "outlaw" in the ex-presidents club, because instead of spending all his time playing golf and smoking cigars with Bush I and Clinton he often does things like espouse liberal positions on foreign policy issues and build houses for poor people. Back when Ford and Nixon were alive, they spent their latter years holed up in gigantic, Xanadu-esque mansions, seeing only withered servants bent with age and sometimes Henry Kissinger. This was not always the way of former presidents:

Still, Mr. Carter did not call President Bush a "puzzlewit" and a "fathead" as Roosevelt did Taft, according to "When Trumpets Call."

We can but imagine the firestorm that would ensue should Jimmy Carter call President Bush a "puzzlewit." It would surely end in Carter's resignation from something or other. Then he'd be sent to Gitmo forever and ever and the Israelis would finally know peace.

When Former Presidents Assail the Chief [NYT]


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