Jimmy Carter Personally Hauling Ford's Corpse To Michigan

Gerry Ford's secret: He is an airplane! - WonketteAccording to CNN, Israel-hating ex-president Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosslyn have been entrusted with the physically demanding job of bringing the dead body of pretend president Gerald Ford to Michigan, where it will be put under the snow in a solemn ice-fishing ceremony.

Actual quote from the teevee: "Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosslyn Carter are carrying the remains to Grand Rapids."

Anyway, the plane has landed and the Carters are surely close behind, dragging the body of the man who robbed a nation of its chance to see Richard Nixon be put in prison forever. And Ford's hometown of Grand Rapids is super excited that in death he is returning to the frigid city he shunned in life.

Welcome home, Mr. President [WOOD TV]


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