Bobby Jindal was supposed to be elected President in 2012 after America realized what a goofball Barack Obama was, spending money on volcano research and other pointless endeavors while a budget hawk like Jindal waited in the wings ready to swoop in with hot money-saving tips. But now Jindal's, and indeed America's, dreams may be put on hold while Jindal runs for Senate instead.

Here is the math: Jindal might not be re-elected governor of Louisiana in 2011, due to sucking, so maybe he will run against David Vitter for Senate. This will be the best Senate race in the world because it pits Diaperman against a porn star and a castration fetishist.

The incontrovertible proof of this preordained event comes in the form of unsubstantiated rumors bruited about on the well-known libtard weekend talky, "The Chris Matthews Show":

JOHN HEILEMANN: I was down in New Orleans last week, and I heard a great rumor that Bobby Jindal, who we were just talking about as a potential presidential candidate for the Republican Party, is thinking about giving up the governorship and running for Senate.

MATTHEWS: Against Vitter.

Mr. HEILEMANN: Against Vitter, or for Vitter's seat if Vitter doesn't run. He's got a terrible budget situation down there, he's thrown himself into a Republican primary up in Baton Rouge that he's going to apparently get creamed in. And I think what's interesting about it is that it tells you that he's got the message that 2012 isn't his year.

Of course Jindal's office very boringly responded with a predictable, "no truth to these scurrilous rumors, etc."

So yes, Jindal for Senate in 2010, send in your donations now.

Transcript: Weekend of April 12, 2009 [The Chris Matthews Show]

Gov. Bobby Jindal not running for Sen. David Vitter's seat, governor's office says [Times-Picayune]


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