Joan Jett, Cloning John Lennon, Naked Scarlett Johansson And Other Stuff That Will Leave You Dead With Joy


We have a double dose of Happy links for you this afternoon because we got drunk and forgot were called away to an urgent meeting yesterday, so you get a two-for today.

We told you about how Jon Stewart mocked the ever-living fuck out of Sean Hannity's spring break "expose." SPOILER ALERT: college kids party! WHO KNEW?

We gave you so much Stephen Colbert moving to the Late Show news, including our very thoughtful recommendations for a new Colbert Report host.

The Masters started yesterday and we admitted that we kinda miss Tiger Woods.

There's a review of the new ScarJo movie in which she gets nekkid but not in a sexy way so buyer beware.

Music! We have music things! Sting did not suck on the Colbert Report yesterday, which was kind of weird! Joan Jett fucking rocked it out of the park fronting Nirvana for their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, which is not weird at all, because Joan Jett is the best.

Did you know there's a weirdo dentist who bought one of John Lennon's teeth so he can clone John Lennon? You do now!

We taught you that the secret of surviving college is that you might not survive college.

Roger and Elizabeth Ailes reminded us that they are the most thin-skinned bullies ever.

Sideboob and also too sideboob.


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