Job Opportunity For Walnuts! ... Iraqi Tourism Director!

Iraqi tourism board director Hamoud Mohsen al-Yacoubi has had it: "When I came to this job I had black hair; now it is gray." Let's send shiny-haired John WALNUTS! McCain over to Baghdad for good, and he can have this great job.

Al-Yacoubi notes that Iraq would be a great place to visit if theoretical tourists wouldn't immediately be blown up. Why so great? Because it's the cradle of civilization, man! There's Babylon, for example -- the real, actual Babylon. The ruins of it, anyway. Well, actually, the U.S. military built a Marine base over the ruins, so they're kind of ruined now.

Um, what else? There are thousands and thousands of incredible antiquities in Baghdad's world-famous archaeological museum ... well, there were thousands and thousands of incredible antiquities, but the museum was looted for days after the invasion by professional antiquities smugglers, and now everything's gone and the museum is locked up.

One group that is wanted in Iraq: Tourists [Columbus Dispatch]


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