Jobless Bush Administration Losers Reduced To Retail, Excited About Welfare Benefits


Like so many young Washington residents in this brutal economy, Wonkette operative "Nicorette St. Monstre" (if thatis her real name) has some unemployed bums for roommates. One such jobless loser worked in the Bush Administration until whatever happened last week, and now our Operative finds her dwelling filled with these wretched, hopeless welfare cases who fear the very idea of real work.

Good Morning Wonketteers!

A potential tip: My roommate was a political appointee during W's administration. Now, of course, she no longer has her job. She "landed" a job at a clothing store in downtown DC, where she works 20 hours per week. When I got home from work yesterday, she was sitting with a group of her former-appointee friends. They had all just filed for unemployment, and were sitting around joking about it.

I told her she couldn't do that, since she has a job ($11 an hour will probably not support her purse habit, but it will help her pay the rent) and she has the option of working full time there. She said that she doesn't want to work full time at the clothing store (ewwwww!), so she wants to get unemployment to supplement the money she receives at age 24 from her parents each month.

None of her fellow Bushies are actively looking for work. Some are studying for the GMAT or LSAT, and using unemployment money to "have a little extra" in their pockets. They told me that the libruls can pay them to do nothing "since we love social programs so much." This is sickening!

I wanted to give you guys a heads up, since this problem may extend beyond the group in my living room. Perhaps former appointees across the country are committing fraud! There are hundreds of thousands of unemployed Americans who actually need federal programs, especially while the economy is in tatters.

I love your site, and when the federal agency I work for finally blocks it I will be so pissed. Also, Jim Newell, as a fellow _____ I can say with complete certainty that we are the sexiest people on the planet.


Nicorette St. Monstre

Know a jobless former Bush staffer committing WELFARE FRAUD? Send your evidence to TIPS@WONKETTE.COM and we shall have these anti-American scofflaws delivered to Justice.


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