Joe Biden, Done Killing That Dog, Now Murdering Small Businesses With His Very Existence


WELL WELL WELL, Mean Ugly Joe Biden! Not only have youmurdered a Secret Service dog just to watch it die -- do you really want to be Hillary Clinton that bad?? -- but now you are SCANDALOUSLY ruining small business owners' parking garage takes during Mardi Gras, by not-actually-closing-down the parking garage at all. Luckily, the Daily Caller is on the case to inform us of this shanda and your coldhearted ways!

[W]hen the carnival season kicked off last weekend in southern Louisiana, one business failed to bring in the expected cash from the influx of revelers. That business, a parking garage company, says the blame lies with Vice President Joe Biden and the Secret Service agents who were protecting him Saturday during a visit to the city.

“It was a big loss over the weekend,” Sterling Chauvin, the chief operating officer of the Premium Parking Service, explained in an interview with The Daily Caller.

Oh yes, the Daily Caller will get to the bottom of this!

[W]hat has Chauvin, his co-workers and the owner of the parking garage still steaming is how Secret Service agents unexpectedly showed up that evening and closed off an entrance to the garage as they secured the area around the Biden fundraiser. They believe, he said, that they lost customers because of the decision.

“They blocked off everything around the building,” Chauvin recalled. “The streets. Everything. And this on a Saturday in the middle of parades.”

“We had no idea that the vice president and Sen. Landrieu were coming,” he continued. “We had no idea they were going to take possession of the top floor of my building and run armed officers up and down the ramps without letting us know. We got no warning.”

On Monday, Chauvin wouldn’t reveal exactly how much money he thinks the company lost, but said it “[made a] lot less than last year.”

“We looked at the numbers today and Jim, who is my owner, is not going to be happy,” he said, explaining that they had been charging drivers $20 and $30 a car to park that night.

Max Milien, a spokesman for the Secret Service, told TheDC on Tuesday that while agents blocked one of the two entrances to the parking garage for security reasons, the parking garage remained open during the Biden fundraiser.

“We did not close any parking garages,” he said in a phone interview.

Added Milien: “We make every attempt during the advance process and even during the day of the events to minimize disruptions and to advise businesses and owners what to expect ahead of time.”

What the fuck, Secret Service? You just cold shut down some entrances to parking garages near where a United States Senator and the Vice President of the United States are going to be, so people can't hide there and murder them? Who do you think you ARE?

PS, did you learn anything else, Daily Caller, in your journalism of interviewing parking garage managers?

Chauvin said one agent – who was stationed on the roof with the dog that later died – was particularly unpleasant. At one point, he offered the agent his business card while trying to learn why Secret Service was there.

“He said, ‘I don’t need your card, sir. I don’t care who you are. Please step back,’” Chauvin recalled.

When Chauvin asked the agent, who was wearing a badge on his bulletproof vest, who his supervisor was, the agent offered a mocking response: ‘The president of the United States.”

Damn, it is like the Secret Service and other law enforcement professionals might be dicks sometimes instead of diplomatic protocol officers! And they might even pull rank on parking garage managers and be rude and dismissive while securing possible hiding places for assassins!

Fuckers. Also, that dick Secret Service agent cried and screamed when his dog died, like a fucking girl.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

Rebecca Schoenkopf is the owner, publisher, and editrix of Wonkette. She is a nice lady, SHUT UP YUH HUH. She is very tired with this fucking nonsense all of the time, and it would be terrific if you sent money to keep this bitch afloat. She is on maternity leave until 2033.


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