Instagram, it's this thing. We do not actually know what it is, you look at other people's lunch? And old pictures of Joe Biden and Chris Christie, who, judging by babby (and we are not being sizeist here, just historical-minded), seems to have begun his weight gain as sympathy bloat? How undapper and unstyley he appears next to old handsome Senator Joe Biden, who is rocking a turtleneck with total confidence, like he is on his way to drink Courvoisier with the honeys on the yacht.

Senator Joe Biden, Mr. Good Times. Let us see some more Joe, schooling us all on "fashion."


You would think a black jacket over a black polo would be terrible and teh worst, would you not? Not when it is Old Handsome Joe.

Contrasting colors? Contrasting colors is for pussies! Joe Biden will wear his blue tie on his blue shirt, and the rest of us will all nod our heads and agree.

What's the perfect accessory for a tuxedoed Joe Biden? A Biden Girl, or in this case, that Salahi nightmare. Oh Salahis. You went away, and we still don't miss you at all.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa, who are the foxes? Oh, just the vice president and second lady of the U.S., no big. They have just come from making kinky sex everywhere, like, you know they totally do it in public.

This is probably in Iowa, because Joe Biden is dressed like a GQ farmer.

We were in London once, staying with our aunt's friend the retired Marxist linguistics professor (no, not that one; apparently all linguistics professors are Marxist) and his wonderful wife, when they taught us the saying "when you're in love, the whole world's a Jew." We still don't really know what it means, and we have never heard it since. But here's Joey Jewy, and life is beautiful.

Gangster Joe.

Pretty sure he was banging Linda Ronstadt.

[Chris Christie's Instagram]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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