Joe Biden Has Some Things To Yell At You, Rich People


What a busy few weeks it has been for VP Bitchen Camaro! There was Gentle Joe, singlehandedly making the world safe for gay love, and Scrappy Joe, singlehandedly making the world safe for little picked-on kids (with his fists!), and now there is Class War Joe, cold yellin' at rich people like they are responsible for trashing the economy or something. Joe Biden contains multitudes! But Noah Rothman, one of Mediaite's house conservatives, simply does not care for this version of Joe.

Applause, ladies and gentlemen, for 2012’s most ham-tacular campaign stop performance. In the roll [sic] of righteously aggrieved populist slash spectacularly wealthy and powerful office-holder: Joe Biden. [Sadly, no!]

Remember during the 2012 cycle, when tea partiers across the nation were capturing the national zeitgeist with their angry town halls and protests, the talking heads were universally wondering why President Obama was not exhibiting the same flavor of rage?

Obama heard the message and, in a scripted moment of faux-perturbation, told NBC through pursed lips that he was traveling to the Gulf Coast amidst a catastrophic oil spill to learn “whose ass to kick?”

Yeah. That’s what this feels like.

One part manufactured rage mixed with few dollops of sound bites – unfortunately, the frothy stew that the Obama campaign was concocting was doomed from the start. The very mixing bowl into which they poured their latest concoction was tainted. Behold, “Angry Biden.”

Concern troll is concerned! Don't worry, concern troll. Joe Biden will continue being bitchen. He cannot help it, because Scranton! Amtrak! Kitchen table! God love 'im! [Mediaite]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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