Joe Biden To Impeach President Who Starts Arab Wars Without Congress


Here's funnyman Joe Biden talking about how he's going to impeach the president for starting some random war against a Muslim nation that isn't doing anything to us ... oh wait, he's talking about a previous president. This must be an old appearance on Hardball. We've got 'em all on VHS, every episode going back to 1956 ....

The important thing is that this Libya clusterphuck seems to be as poorly thought out as any Bush Junior imperial misadventure, minus the grand designs and years of wingnut think-tank scheming. But the result is the same: blood on the sand and enrichment of the U.S. defense industry.

We were listening to Bloomberg in the car tonight when ace reporter Lizzie O'Leary broke down the incredible amount of money American Taxpayers are spending right now on this Libya thing: $160 million worth of missile strikes, millions for each bomber flight, etc. It still was a drop in the bucket compared to the TWO BILLION DOLLARSPER WEEK the U.S. is pissing through in Afghanistan, but it's also more than NPR's entire annual revenue, of which about 2% of that comes from government funding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

IN OTHER WORDS, if we could only de-fund NPR for all of next year, one more missile could be shot at some Arabs somewhere.


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