Joe Biden Travels About The Globe, Crashing Into Everything


  • The USDA should be dissolved, because it makes zero sense to have a separate government death panel just for Agriculture. [Matt Yglesias]

  • The U.S. can only send a few helicopters to rescue flood victims in Pakistan. Maybe if Wikileaks didn't start the War in Afghanistan we could have helped out more? [Think Progress]

  • Many ignorant parents are in favor of extending "the school day." They do not realize this would do little aside from teaching America's children how to become even more fat. [Hit & Run]

  • Joe Biden crashed into an airplane, which begs the question: Is blaming the Mossad for Ted Stevens' untimely passing actually just an elaborate cover-up for yet another Biden Gaffe? [Daily Intel]

  • Remember when Barack Obama gave billions and billions of dollars to poor people, to help them in their time of need? Neither do we! But it happened, and then all those billions of dollars were siphoned into Michele Obama's Barcelona Beach Party Fund, thanks in part to a complicated pyramid scheme invented by this wingnut cartoonist. [RedState]


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