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Joe Biden's 2024 Menu: The Rich.


President Joe Biden on Thursday rolled out his proposed budget for fiscal 2024, an ambitious plan that would raise taxes on the rich and on corporations while expanding the social safety net. It would cut nearly $3 trillion from the federal deficit over the next decade by imposing a 25 percent minimum tax on the richest Americans. If you want to read the entire 185-page document, have at it!

Of course, it also won't do a single bit of that, because Republicans won't pass any of the major parts of the plan, particularly not the tax increases, but also not the social safety net parts like paid family leave, childcare, or Biden's plan to rescue the Medicare trust fund for at least 25 years.

Not a bit of it will become law except the most routine keep-things-as-they-are parts, which will no doubt end up in yet another omnibus spending bill passed barely in time to avoid a government shutdown. If then. Oh, also, the part that increases defense spending by about 3.2 percent, to over $835 billion, will probably do just fine. But whatever defense budget eventually passes in the fall won't be accompanied by the tax increases that would make the expenditures slightly less odious.

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Biden Assembles Re-Election Dream Team Of Democratic All Stars ... And Eric Adams

Well, ya gotta invite him.

Joe Biden’s running for president … again! It’s not official yet — an announcement is expected in April — but he’s been clear that he’s running again, most recently during his remarks Sunday in Selma, Alabama.

According to the Washington Post, Biden has started assembling a “'national advisory board' with Democratic governors, senators and other political stars." They will travel the nation and act as his surrogates. This move is reportedly intended to "unify party leaders and minimize the chance of dissent.”

Biden is currently leading his only declared primary opponent, Marianne Williamson, by about 50 points, so the party seems fairly united around Uncle Joe. However, it’s good to shore up support and head off any surprise challenges from candidates who don’t induce giggle fits.

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Joe Biden's Wild Idea To Save Medicare: Tax The Rich Instead Of Cutting Benefits

Is he allowed to say that?

President Joe Biden today presented his plan to keep the Medicare progam solvent for at least 25 years, by raising Medicare taxes on those making more than $400,000 annually and by negotiating lower prices for a wider range of prescription drugs. That's a sharp contrast to Republicans, who have been insisting that the best way to save Medicare is to cut its funding and raise the eligibility age, because old people are living it up too much.

Medicare's trust fund is currently on track to start running low in 2028, as more benefits are paid out than revenue comes in. Yes, that's us damn Baby Boomers aging. As the Washington Post (gift link) explains,

Roughly 60 million seniors depend on Medicare for their health insurance. Because the program is spending money at a much faster clip than it brings in funding, it faces automatic federal cuts starting in 2028, raising the nightmare scenario of medical providers refusing care to senior citizens if Congress and the White House don’t address the looming shortfall first.

Biden will include the Medicare funding proposal in his fiscal 2024 budget plan, due out later this week, but he previewed it today in a New York Times op-ed and in a White House fact sheet.

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Joe Biden Marches For Truth In Selma

Biden makes his first visit as president to Selma for 'Bloody Sunday.'

President Joe Biden shared some difficult truths with the crowd assembled yesterday to commemorate the 58th anniversary of "Bloody Sunday," when Selma, Alabama, police officers brutally beat Black civil rights marchers. He somberly observed that voting rights are still under attack. President Lyndon B. Johnson introduced the Voting Rights Act days after "Bloody Sunday," but the conservative Supreme Court has actively undermined the law.

"Selma is a reckoning. The right to vote ... to have your vote counted is the threshold of democracy and liberty. With it anything’s possible," Biden said. "Without it, without that right, nothing is possible. And this fundamental right remains under assault. The conservative Supreme Court has gutted the Voting Rights Act over the years. Since the 2020 election, a wave of states and dozens and dozens of anti-voting laws fueled by the ‘Big Lie’ and the election deniers now elected to office."


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Federal Court Tosses Alabama's Preposterous Racial Gerrymander

Whom Are We Jailing For Doing Democracy Now?

Ron DeSantis Wins Nobel Prize In Evil With Jim Crow Florida Map

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