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Joe Biden Did A Gaffe, Oh Wait No He Didn't, GET HIM ANYWAY, NEW YORK TIMES!

Same shit, different election year.

Oh no, lamentations, teardrops and fiddlesticks, Joe Biden made a gaffe with his gaffe machine, which is his mouth. Now you might be worried and shouting out "Wonkette!" because you call out to us like that when you are worried. "Wonkette! What did Joe Biden say? Did he somehow seem to suggest George Floyd is probably having a celebration in Heaven today because of a really tremendous jobs report?"

No, that was Donald Trump.

Joe Biden just said some people suck, but not even as many as Hillary Clinton said, when she said half of Trump's supporters are a "basket of deplorables," which was a severe misunderestimationism on her part. Because you see, according to our back of the napkin math, about 62.9 million people voted for Trump, as opposed to 65.8 million, almost three million more for Hillary Clinton. So if you divide Trump's small number of voters in half and put that half in the basket of deplorables, you get 31.45 million people who suck.

Meanwhile Joe Biden! Well, we will let the New York Times tell you, because the Times is like "OMG! We are for shocked and appalled! This is almost as bad as the time Hillary Clinton had a Hotmail and Joe Biden had a son named Hunter! Maybe we should get Tom Cotton to write an op-ed about sending the troops to declare wars on Joe Biden!"


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