Trump Has No Regrets, No Remorse Over His Piss-Poor COVID-19 Response

More than 220,000 Americans have died on Trump's so-called watch.

After fleeing the scene of his "60 Minutes" interview with Lesley Stahl, Donald Trump sat down for a more comforting exchange with Sinclair's Eric Bolling. Fox News fired Bolling in 2017 because he allegedly sent women pictures of his junk, which no one wants to see. This is the kind of guy Trump can relax around.

Trump was asked about his relationship with Dr. Anthony Fauci, which he insists is “great," but the good doctor has “made mistakes." What are those mistakes and how have they affected the American people during the COVID-19 crisis?

TRUMP: When he said he's stopped from going on television, but you see him do "60 Minutes" — not one of the greatest shows in the world.

Yes, parents explaining to their kids why they can't trick-or-treat this year are really interested in the president's petty complaints about Dr. Fauci's TV appearances. Also, Stahl must've really gotten under his paper-thin skin. He's now dragging America's most watched news program. This isn't how he improves his standing with seniors.

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Nice Time

Kamala Harris, It Is Your Birthday!

All the best to the next vice president.

It's Kamala Harris's birthday! The senator and Democratic vice presidential nominee is 56 today. And she grew up in California, so that's some mighty resilient skin! This particular birthday for this particular Black lady has special meaning for me, because my mother was 56 when she passed away. Although she lived to see Barack Obama elected (but not inaugurated), she definitely would've enjoyed seeing Harris kicking ass and scaring white boys.

Speaking of which, I was searching YouTube for some cool Kamala clips for this post and this was the first thing that came up. Social media is just so biased against conservatives.

Sounds great!YouTube

I don't watch Ben Shapiro videos if I can help it, because his face and voice are stupid. It says a lot that the image of this calm, sane, bomb-ass woman is supposed to freak out conservatives. Maybe Republicans have conceded that comparing Joe Biden to Mr. Rogers wasn't brilliant politics, so now they're retreating to the familiar "SCARY WOMAN MIGHT RUN THINGS."

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Trump Dumps COVID-19 At Double-Header Superspreader Rallies In Arizona

No, he’s not Superman.

Donald Trump held two campaign rallies in Arizona Monday, one in Prescott and another in Tucson, where Mayor Regina Romero expressed concern that Trump's COVIDchella would become another superspreader event. She sent Trump a letter asking him to follow local ordinances to protect public health, which he ignored, and she also reminded President Deadbeat that he still owes the city $80,000 from a rally in 2016.

Romero suggested that if Trump is supposedly all about “law and order," he'd obey the city's mandatory mask mandate, which has helped reduced COVID-19 cases in the city. She conceded that there's not much she could do to enforce the mandate if Trump won't model or promote responsible behavior.

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