Joe Lieberman a Reliable Democrat on Everything but One Little Quagmire

It's a good thing no one gives a shit about the Iraq War, or else Joe Lieberman, Reliable Democrat, might be a tad unpopular!

The Politico alerts us to the strange-but-true fact that Senator Droopy is actually against his party's position on some sort of war or something happening elsewhere, possibly in Middle Earth. But hey, he'll still raise your taxes, so no need to get so excited! C'mon, what about Ben Nelson, don't you guys really hate Ben Nelson? Pick on him for once!

All Joe does is reliably side with the President in attacking Senate Democrats for treason, after a career of very purposefully lending legitimacy to Republican spin campaigns, from the Clinton impeachment onwards! And threaten to quit the party unless they give up on the one issue (besides pagefucking) that won them back congress!

But seriously, he really wants to raise your taxes. Reliable Democrat.

A Democrat on Everything but Iraq [The Politico]


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