Joe Lieberman Can't Wait To Get Those Republicans Back In Congress

Joe Lieberman Can't Wait To Get Those Republicans Back In Congress

Beloved Connecticut monster Joe Lieberman is relieved. He hasn't felt comfortable all year with these massive majorities for the party that nominated him for vice president in 2000, the same party with which he caucuses and which grants him numerous chairmanships and senior positions on valuable committees. And that's why he'sthankful that the Great Pendulum of American Democracy will swing back towards Republicans -- America's true party -- in 2010, in the form of a few dozen house seats and a handful of Senate seats, and Capitalism.

From an interview with Newsmax. Yes, that's NEWS-MAX:

"There were a lot of people, particularly Democrats, who were declaring after the 2008 election that we were beginning a period of Democratic dominance that would go on for decades," Lieberman said during an interview with the conservative Newsmax magazine. "Now, all of a sudden, the momentum is with the Republicans. And that's — thank God — that's the way people have spoken, you know? That's our democracy."

You can tell he likes Republicans more because he thanks their "God" and not the standard liberal "Allah." Anyway, what a nut. Does he remember that he voted against this objective tidal wave of Republican momentum on things like AbortionCare? Joe Lieberman sniffs his own butt, the end.

[The Hill]


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