Nice move, face flapsAccording to the Stamford Advocate, an FBI investigation has concluded that the notorious crash of, Joe Lieberman's glorious Web site, the day before his August 2006 primary loss to actual Democrat Ned Lamont was caused by Joe Lieberman's campaign. When will Joe Lieberman apologize to Joe Lieberman for these dirty tricks?

Way back in 2006, Vinegar Joe Lieberman faced a guy named Ned Lamont in a primary runoff for his Senate seat -- a primary that Lieberman lost, but then he decided to run as an Independent and Connecticut was spared the terrible loss of Joe Lieberman as its elected representative. Anyway, the day before the primary Lieberman's Web site mysteriously crashed. His campaign blamed it on a denial of service attack:

"Our Web site consultant assured us in the strongest terms possible that we had been attacked," former Lieberman campaign spokesman Dan Gerstein said in December 2006.

Ha ha funny story: it was actually that the campaign had been sending out too many emails. "According to the FBI memo, the site crashed because Lieberman officials continually exceeded a configured limit of 100 e-mails per hour the night before the primary," says the Stamford Advocate.

Once again Lieberman is the victim of flawed intelligence, the Internet is a series of tubes, the end.

FBI probe: Lieberman campaign to blame for crashing own Web site [Stamford Advocate]


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