Joe Lieberman Lies To Reporters For A Few Minutes


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If you can't watch the whole 5+ minutes of Satan's earthly plastic voodoo doll Joe Lieberman moaning about his extraordinary feats of leadership, just check out 3:00 to 3:45 to hear him (try to) defend his videotaped September interview in which he supported a Medicare buy-in option.

Haven't seen a politician squirm like this in some time, whining about how, to him -- after he "finally got to see that on teevee last night," the video of his own recent interview -- it looked like he was maybe supporting something else, but he doesn't recall. And uhhh uhhh at the time, see, he didn't know that the Baucus Bill would include subsidies/affordability credits for people to buy private insurance, an idea that has been a cornerstone of every single draft or white paper or mark or bill that every committee or chamber in Congress has considered over the past year, and the fundamental reason why all versions of this bill have cost hundreds of billions of dollars.

After that was when he decided that a non-profit insurance option for a small but struggling demographic would explode the federal deficit, even though it would be funded by premiums and offer its (~4 million) enlistees the requisite affordability credits, just like every other fucking plan on the exchanges, but without the buffer of arbitrary rate hikes triggered by a need to meet Profit Expectations.

Good god, is this psychotic kamikaze stunt of his *seriously* just a way of getting back at Jane Hamsher and Markos Moulitsas for riding on a bus with Ned Lamont in 2006?



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