Joe Lieberman Likes Obama Now

Once upon a time, Joe Lieberman nearly ruined Barack Obama's career forever by going to the Republican National Convention and calling him a "young man" repeatedly while Obama was busy trying to win a campaign against an ancient War God and his evil, fecund snow mistress. Obama prevailed, of course, but since then everybody has hated Joe Lieberman's guts even more than they used to.

Now maybe the healing has begun, because Lieberman has started saying nice things about President Obama. He appreciates that our new president has good manners, a forgiving disposition, and the frigging ounce of political calculation necessary to keep him in the Democratic caucus despite Lieberman's distinctly twattish behavior last year.

The Connecticut independent, who faces re-election in 2012 in a state where Obama is popular, is eager to mend fences with Democrats still fuming over his criticism of Obama during the general election campaign.

Lieberman has applauded Obama's national security team. He gushed over Obama's "inspirational and unifying" inaugural. Lieberman even played a key role helping Obama win Senate passage of the economic stimulus plan.

So basically, Vinegar Joe is back to debasing himself for his latest boyfriend. Good luck in 2012, dude.

Sen. Joe Lieberman now sings Obama's praises [AP]


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