Joe Miller Says Sarah Palin Qualified To Be President, Technically


Joe Miller was on Fox News today, addressing Anger Bear Todd Palin'se-mail to him. And of course he was asked if he thinks Sarah Palin is qualified to be president, the thing Todd got so upset about that he very suddenly became bad at grammar and spelling. So Joe Miller, ready to put the issue to rest, said that she is. Or, rather, he said she is technically qualified to be president, according to the law, just like any other American above the age of 35 who is not a secret Kenyan. Of course, that's not the question that was really being asked; by qualified, Fox meant, does she have enough credentials for the job for people to vote for her. Credentials such as experience, but Joe Miller still doesn't want to touch that.

Toad1982 is going to be very angry with you, Joe! How dare you insult her? HER FINGERS ARE STILL TIRED FROM WRITING THAT FACEBOOK POST FOR YOU. [Think Progress]


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