Joe Miller's Alaska Militia Friend Jailed For Trying To Murder Judges

Joe Miller's Alaska Militia Friend Jailed For Trying To Murder Judges

Scruffy-cheeked Ivy League teabagger Joe Miller lost his crazed bid to become a senator last year, but the sore loser still thinks he's got a place in politics. But will his ambitions survive his friendship with a 26-year-old white trash militia kid arrested for trying to kill a bunch of judges and cops? Who knows, this is Alaska! Anyway, this child militiaman -- apparently the leader of the "Alaska Peacemakers Militia" -- allegedly came up with a super-great way to deal with the f'in cops always breathin' down his neck. It involved a whole lot of shooting and kidnapping and murder and then burning down a house full of other cops, or something.Alaska, everybody!

Justin Elliot at Salon reports:

Last year, I did a lengthy story outlining the support Alaska Tea Party Senate candidate Joe Miller was getting within the state's militia movement. Now, one of the militia leaders I interviewed -- 26-year-old Schaeffer Cox -- has been arrested and charged in a lurid plot to kill judges and state troopers.

Ha, whut? And from the complaint against Cox:

"The plan would then have the tactical teams going to the target's houses, cutting the power, shooting the inhabitants as they come out to check on their power; then the team would kick the target's residence's doors in, kill everybody inside and set the house on fire. Then the team would lay in hiding and take out the initial responding officer before moving on to the next target."

And, hilariously, Joe Miller then has to issue a statement denying his love for Schaeffer Cox:

Former U.S. Senate Candidate Joe Miller is disputing the media's characterization of him as a “close friend and associate” of arrested Alaska Militia leader Schaeffer Cox. Mr. Miller became acquainted with Mr. Cox through Republican Party politics, not unlike many other State leaders. Mr. Cox offered no tangible support to Miller's run for the US Senate; he was neither a campaign contributor nor volunteer; and, save for public forums during the campaign, has had no contact with Mr. Miller subsequent to his run-ins with the law early last year ....

Blah blah, Greasy Joe, but when you play in the septic tank you better get used to having shit all over your face. [Salon/Alaska Dispatch via Wonkette operative freakishlywrong]


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