Joe Scarborough Sends Blogger Friendliest C&D Ever

Blogger All Hat, No Cattle is outraged and incensed that Joe Scarborough sent her a Cease and Desist letter. And all AHNC did to bring this down on her head was insinuate repeatedly and with funny MSPaint illustrations that Scarborough killed an intern! Here's the text of the C&D:


People have wanted to sue us, we've received C&D's, we've read the C&D's of others, and this is more or less the most amicable one we've ever read. Not that we think bloggers should be barred from accusing pundits of murder (we hear Tucker Carlson totally killed a McDonald's cashier for not supersizing his Diet Coke!), but Joe seems to have hired a pretty lazy lawyer. Joe, you want the number of Michelle Malkin's guy?

January 9, 2007 [All Hat No Cattle]


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