Joe The Plumber As Unpopular As Any First-Time Author

Well dammit, it appears Joe the Plumber has successfully metamorphosed from rat-faced creep into literary sad sack in the space of about three months. Not so long ago he was riding high, saying dumb things on all the cable news shows and even going to Israel to lament hownobody censors the press in wartime anymore. But now he's just another washed-up debut author who can't move more than 5 books in a reading.

He showed up at the Borders on 18th and L last Thursday, and about a dozen people watched him speak. He signed books ever so briefly and then left, a mere hour into an anticipated three-hour engagement.

This is pretty much the nightmare scenario for anyone who has ever written, or hoped to write, a book. But at least most first-time authors' humiliatingly underattended book readings don't make the Washington Post.

So go on, everybody, buy a copy of his dumb book and make him feel better! Or not. One Amazon reader called it "pure garbage."

Joe the Author, Plumbing New Lows in Interest [Washington Post]


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