Sex Is Not Recession-Proof, And Publicly Fan-Mailing Andrew Sullivan Apparently Not Sex-Proof


  • One of the many, many middle-aged couples who own socialist sex boutiques in LA—a demographic that's actually the plurality of Andrew Sullivan's readers—would like a business/pleasure bailout please. [Daily Dish]
  • At this thing called a "Defending the American Dream Summit", famous bald prostitute Joe the Famous Bald Prostitute criticized Michael Steele, for such is the popular fashion of the times, for trying to make conservatism all about "hip hop," a black language aphorism which the Politico will translate just in time for AC 360 tonight. [RedState]
  • Just hang on in there America, until the 2009's third quarter, when the economy will fix itself and apologize to everyone it has wronged. [AMERICAblog]
  • Obama is going on about something again, what is it this time, oh, schools. Schools. Let's make the kids do more math, and reading too! There. That should do it. [The Caucus]
  • Human simulacrum Richard Gere has called out Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton! For apparently "misspeaking" about the role of human rights in the economic crisis. So, Hillary Clinton has been embarrassed, publicly, by an aging, vaguely sad gray-haired ladykiller. Interesting. [CNN Political Ticker]

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