Joe The Plumber Sues Ohio For Hurting His Feelings


Joe the goddamn Plumber issuing a few gals in Ohio, state employees to be exact, for cheating with their computers! This latest publicity stunt of a civil action states that these three "violated his privacy when they gathered his personal information in a records search," which they were not allowed to do. You may remember that this personal information included the revelations that his name was not Joe, that he was not a Plumber, and that he had a tax lien on his house. And it was only after the public learned about this things that Samuel Wurzelbacher really hit Jackpot!

Samuel J. Wurzelbacher says in the federal lawsuit filed Thursday that he suffered emotional distress, harassment, humiliation and embarrassment as a result of their actions. He's seeking unspecified punitive damages.

Two cartons of Luckies and one a'them there, uh, dollar bills.

And just as a reminder, here's how easy it is to become rich & famous in America: he "rose to fame during the presidential campaign after asking Barack Obama about his tax plan."

Joe the Plumber sues over Ohio records probe [AP]


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