Joe Walsh Screws Up, Leaves Racism, Hitler Out of Dumb Obama Simile


Deadbeat serially bankrupt media whore teabagger (haha, you still don't know who we're talking about yet if we stop there) Joe Walsh went on Fox News to say President Obama is "like a teenage boy who had a big party and trashed his house while his parents were gone." HAHA, WRONG. You did it all wrong, Joe. Where's the racism? The bile? Where did you get your teabagger education, you giant communist? Do you spell "MUSLIN" correctly, too? HERE, even we read so much mind-numbing teabagger nonsense all day long that we'll just do it for you:

"Obama is like a burglar who broke into a house full of sleeping white church choir members, trashed the house and then bashed apart their skulls with a copy of the tax code and completely got away with it because no one could see him in the dark. That's also the sort of thing that Hitler was always doing." THERE.

Here is another Joe Walsh line from this interview in which he also fails to be interestingly offensive: "It's pathetic. I've never known a president who refuses to accept responsibility for anything." No, because Joe Walsh has never been president! Ta-da. [Media Matters]


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