Joementum Update: He Actually May Be Contemplating Giving In To The Haters

So, how was your weekend? Joe Lieberman spent his begging lefties to hate him, so long as they vote for him, and demanding that God smite Ned Lamont.


He said he wanted to withdraw American troops 'as fast as anyone,' yet insisted that leaving Iraq now would be a 'disaster' that could worsen the sectarian violence there. And while President Bush may share that view, he added, Connecticut voters were free not to. 'I not only respect your right to disagree or question the president or anyone else, including me, I value your right to disagree,' he said at a community center in East Haven.

"In fact," he continued, "I not only value your right to disagree, I insist upon it. His campaign staffers then unveiled a sign bearing a new slogan: "Joe Lieberman: The candidate of choice for voters who disagree with Joe Lieberman."

In the same speech, Lieberman also denied that he and the president had formal BFF status.

Later, like any Jew experiencing a time of trouble, he went to church.

Mr. Lieberman stopped at churches in Stamford and Bridgeport, where the preachers invoked faith to say that Mr. Lieberman would be nominated tomorrow. At the Congregation of the Community Tabernacle of Deliverance in Stamford, one preacher spoke of the biblical character of Joseph, who he said 'refused to sell out to the haters.' A few moments later, Mr. Lieberman added, 'Joseph had faith that God will take care of the haters, and I have a certain faith that this Tuesday God will take care of the voters.'

The divine intervention card: Always a sign of a confident, smoothly-running campaign.

When one preacher at the Bridgeport church asked, 'Anybody going through hell right now?' Mr. Lieberman leaned over to tap a woman sitting to his left and began to nod his head with a smile.

The woman immediately raised her hand and asked to be moved to a different seat.

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Photo: AP


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