John And Elizabeth Edwards Hate Clinton, Obama, Rest Of Thankless World

Oh they look cheerful, but they are full of hateDo you know who John Edwards hates? Everybody. And do you know who his cranky wife hates? Everybody else. Together they have enough hate to rule America, but nobody wanted to elect Senator Goodhair so instead they are spewing their bile at some tragic People reporter who faithfully transcribed their angry rants. Find out what they Like and Dislike about the people who will be president instead of them!

Elizabeth doesn't like Obama's "health care plan or his advertising on health care, which I think is misleading," but she also hates Hillary's "lobbyist money."

Meanwhile, John says, "I like something different about Hillary. I think her tenacity shows a real strength that's inside her." But he doesn't like "a lot of the old politics," which is code for "her third testicle."

John & Elizabeth Edwards: What We Like (and Dislike) About Clinton & Obama [People]


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