John Boehner Also Won't Defend Michele Bachmann For Randomly Accusing Top Officials of Terrorism


As usual, all your Wonkette had to do was demand accountability in a single post and boom, there it is: accountability. It's not such a bad gig, being the most powerful blog in the universe. (We would imagine.) Isn't it a delight to see everyone finally condemn Michele Bachmann for smearing Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, instead of simply laughing this off as one more thing? You've got your Walnuts,Ed Rollins, Marco Rubio, some other folks, and now John Boehner, who said today: "I don’t know Huma. But from everything that I do know of her, she has a sterling character, and I think accusations like this being thrown around are pretty dangerous." You know what else would be pretty dangerous, Boehner? Huma Abedin plotting another 9/11, right now, with Egypt and her husband, Mr. Penis.

Boehner did stop short of saying she would have to leave her post on the Intelligence Committee, though, which she obviously should. The easiest way to achieve that going forward would be to vote her out of Congress for being stupid and cruel.

Did you see Bachmann running away from CNN's Dana Bash yesterday? You should see it. Look at her go! Ha ha ha:

If you're going to criticize Huma Abedin, at least settle on a story with some evidence, like how she is Hillary Clinton's lesbian lover.

[Washington Post]


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