John Boehner Doesn't Want The Red Pill OR The Blue Pill: He Wants His Usual Horse Tranquilizer


  • John Boehner has yet to talk to a doctor who thinks his skin in a natural, healthy color. [Think Progress]

  • Yes yes, so Barack Obama used "red pill" and "blue pill" in the same sentence, which all you cultured assholes think is just so funny and ironic. Jesus Lord. Are you upset the Wachowski brothers didn't brief Obama on health care or something? [RedState]

  • Like all the other 6-foot-5 giants in the world, Matthew Yglesias is a happy man. Don't forget the little guys, Matt! [Matt Yglesias]

  • Andrew Sullivan is still "on holiday" which means the Daily Dish is still an icanhascheezburger RSS feed. [Andrew Sullivan]

  • So just how bad was yesterday? You remember. You were there. It sucked. [TPM]


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