John Boehner Insults Those People Who Are Fun To Insult: Hill Staffers


John Boehner did one of the more Republican things ever yesterday: while meeting with the American Bankers Association to discuss their Evil Plan to kill financial reform, hetold them, "Don't let those little punk staffers take advantage of you and stand up for yourselves." KNOW YOUR RIGHTS, FINANCIAL SERVICES INDUSTRY! This did not sit well with Barney Frank, who wrote a nasty letter to John Boehner for being mean to the Hill Staffer kids.

Dear Minority Leader Boehner,

I was very disappointed to read a quote from you in the Market Watch article by Ronald Orol, on March 17th, in which you say “Don’t let those little punk staffers take advantage of you and stand up for yourselves.”

I am appalled that a Leader of the House, who must know what good work is done by our staffs, would take such an inaccurate cheap-shot at these people, for the purpose of ingratiating himself with bankers or any other group. As Chairman of the Financial Services Committee, I work closely with a large number of the staff members whom you are demeaning by this statement, and while I obviously have closer working relationships with the members of the majority staff, I am familiar with the work done by a number of the minority staff members as well, both for the Committee and on personal staffs. Your reference to “punk staffers” trying to “take advantage” of people in the financial industry is wholly unfair to a lot of hardworking men and women, the majority of whom, in my judgment, could be making more money if they were working elsewhere, and working under less stressful conditions and shorter hours...

Look Frank. Someone has to stand up for the little guy, BANKING MONEY GLOBO-CORPORATION INC., in this fight against a few hapless 26-year-old junior research assistants who work out of the slaves' toilet chamber.

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