Oh, look! It's Angry Boehner, and he is pretty darn angry at Barack Obama's completely unfair, unreasonable demand that Republicans allow the government to start operating normally again, because that would be an "unconditional surrender," and John Boehner does not surrender. At least not to anyone other than Eric Cantor. Or Ted Cruz maybe. Or Louie Gohmert we guess. Certainly not to some President.

Also, raising the debt ceiling without first negotiating a whole lot of additional spending cuts -- you know, in addition to the sequester, which is already the result of the 2011 debt limit fuck-tussle -- is just bad policy, because ... well, because right now the Republicans are in a position to cause a hell of a lot of trouble, and if they allow a clean vote on the debt ceiling, the teahadis would be very upset indeed. And so, without surrendering, John Boehner just wants to talk to the President, so that he can walk out again and accuse the President of having walked out. This is simple fairness, and it makes no sense to John Boehner that Barack Obama doesn't see that. It's disgraceful is what it is.

Hey, how about a Super Committee? That's a good trick!


Movie Night, maybe?


Doktor Zoom

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