John Boehner Really Tried To Get Chris Lee and Others Not To Have Affairs


Wow, that Chris Lee sureresigned fast, eh? For perspective, Larry Craig was arrested for trying to have sex with a man in a public bathroom and finished out his term. Which was months, not hours. The thing is, Republicans just will not stand for their members of Congress having affairs that aren't illegal in some way. Sure, if that woman posting on Craigslist was a horse, things would have gone much more smoothly for him. But he likes adult women. It's a personal problem. "Lee, sources said, was one of several junior GOP lawmakers that Boehner allegedly warned to 'knock it off' with regard to his partying with female lobbyists last year." Is John Boehner really trying to enforce the Republican Party's moral values on its leaders? Or does he want all the female lobbyists for himself?

In the past, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and other members of House leadership have made clear their zero tolerance for personal misconduct. Michael Steel, a spokesman for Boehner, said his office “doesn’t discuss conversations the speaker has with members.”

"Hey Ron, tell Politico that 'In the past, Speaker Boehner and other members of House leadership have made clear their zero tolerance for personal misconduct.' I'll bet you ten bucks they run it word for word. No seriously. You don't think they'll realize 'in the past' is a meaningless phrase?"

But anyway, female lobbyists:

It appears that a rumor about John Boehner having an affair with a lobbyist is forming out of thin air after some Daily Kos guy said it was a rumor, so now it is a rumor.

Yeah, that is something we wrote recently! If he follows Chris Lee's example and his own reported crackdown on GOP sexytime, we can expect him to resign immediately if a shred of evidence is found of Boehner boning this lobbyist lady, right? He'll stick to his values. But who will take the House speaker job? Let's go with Ron Paul. [Po'o]


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