John Boehner Says Thing About Tax Cuts, Gets Obama People All Excited


John Boehner almost said something that had meaning on Sunday,so now everyone has jumped all over it. John Boehner wants all of the Bush tax cuts to be extended forever, because why would the federal government need to fund itself? But he admitted that given a choice between extending the tax cuts just for people who are less than very, very rich and no tax cuts at all, he would choose the former. That didn't sound completely obstinate, unlike everything else Republican leaders have said over the past couple of years! Thus, BIPARTISANSHIP TIEM.

"I hope that Congressman Boehner's comments suggest a willingness to agree with the president," Gibbs said on CBS.

Separately, on ABC's "Good Morning America," Gibbs said: "I think Congressman Boehner was fairly clear in outlining that position that the president outlined last week: 'Let's provide some certainty. Let's cut taxes for middle-class families in this country. Let's not use them as political football or hold them hostage.' "

Haha, the Obama administration is really rubbing it in John Boehner's orange face that he almost sounded like he agreed with them on a thing. Stick this thing we're doing somewhere, BONER-MAN!

Meanwhile, America has no idea who the fuck this John Boehner guy is, who Obama seems to think is such a formidable political opponent. Nor cares whether or not Congress and Obama are being "bipartisan." Nor will remember this when Republicans attack Democrats for "raising taxes." But good luck anyway, Obama folks! [The Hill]


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