John Boehner Tantrum Carries The Day, Obama Changes Jobs Speech Date


John Boehner wiped away his crocodile tears and is all sparkles 'n coke smiles again! Barack Obamagave up faster than usual in the dimwitted 10-hour Washington smackdown over the Wednesday night time slot Obama requested for his jobs speech, the same time slot the GOP is using for its latest presidential debate. Boehner and the rest of the GOP stamped their feet and flung their wet diapers at the White House for a few hours until Dad threw up his hands, moved his speech to the following day and then typed an angry, helpless email to his spam mailing list to make sure everyone knows he's "frustrated" and it's not his fault. Sorry, Obama, parenting is hard work! 

And here is a depressing summary of the proceedings from The Hill:

The date Obama requested falls on the same day as one of the Republican presidential debates, this one the first to feature Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Instead, Obama will now be competing against the NFL season opener.

Obama and Boehner squared off Wednesday, not over the contents of the speech but the date on which Obama will give it.

The White House and the Speaker's office were at odds over whether the president's staff had talked to Boehner's office about the date before announcing it to the press.

Both sides dug in on their arguments, with Boehner's office saying that the White House had only given them a heads up shortly before announcing the date instead of talking with the speaker about the schedule.

Sigh. Just have Aaron Rodgers give the jobs speech at Lambeau before kickoff. [The Hill]


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