John Boehner's Tea Party Opponent Is Newest Entrant In Dick-Joke-Themed Campaign Ad Derby

John Boehner's Tea Party Opponent Is Newest Entrant In Dick-Joke-Themed Campaign Ad Derby

Hey, 2014 midterm people? Especially those of you who are Tea Party Republicans? What is your hard-on for the dick-joke-themed ads this election season? Sure, we make dick jokes, but we are vulgar and obscene and ain't nobody voting us into Congress, although they could and have done worse. And even we moved on from Boehner=boner "jokes" years ago. There's a fine line between clever and stupid, and hahahahaha no there isn't, fucking dummy.

So up there is J.D. Winterbottom's ad, it is electile dysfunction, get it get it? Did you get it? John Boehner's name is like a boner and also he has orange skin. Man, that is like the kind of trenchant political analysis you can get on a youtube comment, or from a 14-year-old girl!

But where does J.D. Winterbottom stand on non-boner-related issues? He is for them and against them, depending on whether your "pro-life" stance also equals "don't shoot people" (hint: don't be an idiot of course it doesn't).

Hey, that was funny that they were right on top of each other like that, and also how "never raise the debt ceiling," "keep the government out of jobs and the economy" and "I am a public school teacher" are on top of each other too.

He seems very bright, Mr. Winterbottom. Our children is in very good hands. As is his penis. Because "dick joke." There, Mr. Winterbottom, you have your free "earned media" for the day.

[JD Winteregg's campaign site]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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