John Bolton's Plans for the U.N.

Some might find it odd that the Bush administration feels that our best representative to the United Nations would be someone who has joked (harmlessly joked!) that the U.N. could lose ten stories and "it wouldn't make a bit of difference," but that's only because they don't understand what John Bolton would replace those ten stories with. But looking back to a speech Bolton gave to the American Enterprise Institute, we can see has a wish list.

Saying "we're talking about discussions in the Security Council chamber. Not the Star chamber," Bolton pointed out, "We don't have whips and chains around the side of it. We don't have permanent representatives stretched out on racks. We don't have thumbscrews for foreign ministers."

We understand he's already talking to Bill Bennett contractors.

The International Atomic Energy Agency: The World's Enforcer or Paper Tiger? [AEI via what an operative heard on NPR]


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