John Derbyshire Discovers a Quadroon In Our Midst

National Review poet John Derbyshire, last seen calling the Virginia Tech victims a bunch of pussies who deserved it, has a new message for America: Bill Richardson is a leetle bit more Mexican than he says! Outraged over Big Bill's public admission of Mexican-ness during a time when Americans are supposed to be united against the Mexican Menace, Derbyshire bravely decides to use that very Mexican-ness against Richardson:

Excuse me, Bill, but do you want your Hispanicity noticed, or not? If you want your listeners to vote for you "not because I am Hispanic," then what the heck is "I am one of you" doing in the same sentence?

(N.B. Though to give the guy some creit [sic] for restraint, Bill is actually understating his Hispanitude. Not only were both his mother's parents Mexican, but one of his father's was too.)

In other words, "Bill Richardson is a Quadroon!" Join us tomorrow when Derbyshire reveals that Barry Hussein Obama is a Halfrican, John McCain is Mulatto and Bill Clinton is "the first black president."

Mixed Message [The Corner]

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