John Derbyshire's Not Buying Liberal Slavery Propaganda

'You mean, keep *Valentine* on as managing director? ' - WonketteConfused by the Immigration Debate? Not sure what to think of illegal workers from Mexico? Let National Review's John Derbyshire explain the intricacies as can only be explained by an Englishman who has opinions about Black People!

In some offline conversations I've been having, and on some websites I'll leave you to search out by yourself, the opinion has been expressed that some portion of America's white elites welcome Hispanic immigration as a way of sticking it to American blacks. That portion, it is suggested, would prefer to have its lawns mowed by small, polite, brown people, rather than large, surly black ones, even if the price is the same in both cases.

I think there is something in that, but more than I have yet heard discussed.

Uhh .... Okay, let's have this frank discussion about America's wealthy households and the preferred race of their servants and how that explains why Bush & Walnuts & Kennedy want the amnesty so bad, after the jump.

Please, explain why they are "sticking it to American blacks."

I'm willing to bet, though, that there are large numbers of white people who would much rather not have a black maid. Not, again, because they fear a black maid would harm them, or be lazy or dishonest, but just because they would not feel comfortable in a master-servant relationship with a black person, after all the guilt-trip propaganda of the past 40 years.
Rejoice, White America! That whole 400-year Atlantic slave trade thing -- you know, with the massive industry of taking boatloads of chained-up Africans to the Americas for use as animal labor -- isn't why those limousine-liberal white folk might feel uncomfortable with black servants. It's just that since 1967, there has been a "guilt trip propaganda" effort to bum you out about the natural order of Anglo-Saxon/Teuton social dominance. Come on, whites -- let's learn to get comfortable again with the "master-servant relationship with a black person." Hooray!

R.I.P.: Immigration-bill autopsy [NRO]


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