John Edwards Did NOT Say Anything Sorta Possibly Negative About Israel Bombing Iran

Turned into a pumpkin, just like that ... - WonketteResponding quickly to something that was only on National Review Online and Wonkette, the Edwards campaign says John Edwards' allegedly logical and unoffensive comment about a war between Israel and Iran being a threat to peace (because wars are generally considered the opposite of peace) most certainly was misreported by Variety's Peter Bart last month.

According to the campaign, Edwards said Iran talking about developing a nuclear-energy program was the biggest short-term threat to world peace, not Israel bombing Iran next week.

NRO's Jonah Goldberg accepts the apology, but now says what Edwards reportedly said wasn't actually offensive. Oh, and he wrote this: "As for Wonkette's statement, I don't think there's really any defense." Jesus fuck, now we've offended J-Go and the New York Times? Everybody can now go back to smashing their heads against walls.

Edwards: Israel NOT a Threat to World Peace [ABC 11]

Edwards & Israel [NRO The Corner]

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