John Edwards Dons Spandex, Braves Crowds of Bloodthirty Iowans

We're big men having big fun! - WonketteJohn Edwards joined Lance Armstrong for some sort of bicycle race across Iowa today. Edwards was the only candidate to accept Armstrong's invitation to ride in the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Race Across Iowa (or RAGBRAI), because the rest of them are too old or too scared of the thousands of dangerous amateur cyclists looking to run down a celebrity or politician.

Edwards, thankfully, has a posse:

Some riders from Armstrong's foundation surrounded Edwards and tried to shield him a bit from the crush. There was a pack of riders 50 deep around Armstrong and Edwards. "This is an accident waiting to happen,"� Edwards said, and laughed.

Not only did Edwards survive unscated (Armstrong's posse muscled everyone else away as Lance pull ahead of the pack), but his hair still looked perfect when he took the helmet off.

Edwards Joins Armstrong on RAGBRAI [Des Moines Register]


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