John Edwards Has a Crappy New 'Second Life' HQ

Goddamned furries ... - Wonkette

This picture -- by TechPresident writer Ruby Sinreich -- pretty much sums up the Second Life political experience: It's a half-naked furry, obviously, with a very tight John Edwards' shirt stretched over its engorged cartoon breasts, standing in front of an empty yet luxurious beach cabana, which is obviously the new campaign headquarters for the shiny-haired candidate.

Edwards' Second Life HQ was moved after it was hilariously vandalized by some dadaist pranksters who bring much-needed humor and action to a virtual computer world that otherwise consists solely of furries rubbing their massive virtual genitalia against each others' "avatars."

Now that it's on an expensive virtual beachfront, the headquarters more accurately reflects the candidate himself, who is the richest lawyer in the world and has the biggest mansion in North Carolina.

John Edwards in Second Life [TechPresident]


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