John Edwards Jogs His Memory

tucking the shirt in is so gayFrom "Runner's World" interview with John Edwards, proof there's no interest group you can't pander to and no interest group that doesn't want to be pandered to:

RW: You've got an amazing empathy for hardship and suffering of other people. It strikes me that that's part of being a runner, especially running marathons. Is there something about the hardship appeals to you?

JE: Suffering is too strong a word. I think being mentally tough enough to drive through difficulty and some level of pain, I think that means something. There's virtually no runner, that I know of, who doesn't experience that on a regular basis, just like I do.

Oh, right. That's why pain is good. Wait right here, we're going to brain ourselves with a stapler so that we can understand what it's like to be poor.

The Running Mate [Runner's World]


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