John Edwards' Sad, Lonely Cyberworld

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This really sums up everything, doesn't it? It's a "picture" of John Edwards' "campaign headquarters" inside the computer world called "Second Life," where people who didn't do so great on the first life apparently waste away their hours in a simulation of modern American existence: shopping, dressing like hookers, ignoring politics and wearing furry suits. We will spend too much time thinking about all this, after the jump.

Wonkette commenter 747i was curious enough about this alleged big fad to actually visit the virtual world -- you can apparently do this using a computer -- and took a screenshot of the sad, lonely Edwards' HQ.

Apparently, the entirety of this "Second Life" experience consists of empty simulated places, usually selling pornography or electronic gadgets ... once again, exactly like real life ... but with far less people. Nobody, really. Oh, and you can fly.

If we could fly, we would not be standing around John Edwards' empty campaign headquarters next to a table covered in shoes. We would be flying around and kicking ass, and probably liberating vineyards and distilleries, and only then would we virtually fuck a furry at a Democratic candidate's virtual headquarters, until the scary vandal Second Life things show up with their feces-spewing obscenity.

(God or Allah or Space Demon King or Whatever is up there: If you're watching, this is probably a pretty good time to destroy the Earth.)

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