John Edwards Shocking Claim: 'Clintons Won't Wish Us Well!'

The baby on the bus goes Wah Wah Wah ... - WonketteEverybody knows that pretty little girls always get their feelings hurt, so it's no surprise that John Edwards went from table to table at a Hollywood fundraiser telling everybody how the Clintons didn't call to say they were bummed for Elizabeth -- yet all the other presidential candidates (or at least the Democratic candidates) did call with good wishes.

Wow, is there anybody the Clintons won't kill? Wait, what we mean is, Could John Edwards shut the fuck up?

So this gets back to the Clintons and they're all, "Oh, we've been trying to call, er, but not really, because we don't have the number." The shocking scandal story is reported Exclusively in Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood column. Go read it and feel bad for ever feeling bad about any of these wretched people.

EXCLUSIVE: John Edwards Tells Hollywood All Candidates And Wives Called -- Except Hill & Bill Clinton [Deadline Hollywood]


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