John Edwards Waging Heroic, Life-Threatening Battle With Karma

John Edwards Waging Heroic, Life-Threatening Battle With Karma

Famous sleazeball John Edwards still cannot quite yet stand trial for the million or so dollars in alleged campaign finance violations he racked up during his failed 2008 bid to get America to elect him President before they realized he was screwing around on his cancer-stricken wife, because he has some kind of life-threatening mystery ailment that requires an operation and is apparently more serious than a "hair emergency" or whatever you would immediately imagine to yourself if you heard that John Edwards was claiming he was too ill to attend his own trial.

The AP reports that at least he didn't try to fake a coma:

A cardiologist for the 58-year-old ex-North Carolina senator wrote two letters about his condition to Judge Catherine Eagles, who talked about them Friday during a hearing to consider whether the trial would go on later this month. She delayed it until at least March 26.

Edwards walked into the courtroom in Greensboro without assistance and appeared healthy. The judge requested that he be there.

Hear from you next in the Cayman Islands, Johnny, or wherever it is you turn up in exile! [AP]


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