John Edwards Wasting $150,000 To Address Bush Supporters On Cable Station Bush Supporters Don't Even Watch

'I'm President ... I mean, uh, I'm John Edwards, and ahm runnin' for president' - WonketteSo Bush Junior is going on teevee tonight -- meaning, maybe the cable-news stations will carry it -- to read a 15-minute speech repeating whatever he/Betray-Us said this week about unsurging the surge. As Bush's support is now limited to crazy people who haven't had their basic cable turned off yet, that meager audience will be watching Fox News ... which is why John Edwards is spending $150,000 to run a two-minute commercial "response" to Bush on MSNBC.

John Edwards, as you may have heard, is still running for president. These days, apparently, that requires going on teevee and pretending to be president. So Edwards' two-minute commercial shows him dressed like a president sitting at a presidential desk in front of an American flag -- it was shot in the full-scale replica of the White House inside a full-scale Washington D.C. arcology at his North Carolina estate.

In his commercial, Edwards says the Iraq War is bad and he is still sorry for voting for it, back when he was a senator.

Edwards buys ad to rebut Bush on Iraq [AP/Yahoo]


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