John Ensign Is Not A Quitter

We are just not getting a lot of resignation bang for our philandering buck this summer. Argentine romancer Mark Sanford looks like he'll stay in the South Carolina governorship, basically becausehis wife said he could. And now it appears that John Ensign -- barring, ha ha, some devastating investigation by CREW or the Justice Department and what are the chances of that? -- will also keep his Senate seat and who knows, maybe even run again!

It's pretty goddamn unfair that these days the messing-around must be committed with either hookers or gays to attract any attention, but there you have it. The voters of Nevada are, according to John Ensign, extremely forgiving when it comes to men who have noncriminal sex with other men's wives.

Ensign claims he has "supporters" calling from Washington, in support of his adultery in Nevada.


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