John Ensign Makes It Very Clear That He Is NOT Bill Clinton


Here is what weknow about John Ensign: he was schtupping his buddy's wife for six months or so until they got caught, at which point Ensign begged his old parents to give his buddy $96,000 in hush money (that worked out in the end!), which they did, spread across eight $12,000 checks to various family members so the sum wouldn't have to be declared as taxable income. He shouldn't be forced to resign. It's better this way, to see him roaming around the desert, giving interviews, meekly trying to hedge his failures, shaming himself, and coming across like a dingbat fraud, which he is: "Ensign told The Associated Press that he didn't lie under oath like Clinton did and that he hasn't 'done anything legally wrong.'" Indeed, this would make a fine re-election campaign slogan. [AP, Las Vegas Gleaner]


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