John Is Pretty, Elizabeth Is Nice

Still cuteLong ago when we first reported that John Edwards got $400 haircuts, one Wonkette editor who regularly pays half that to a local non-famous salon for her tresses thought "meh" to herself and moved on. Some people, however, are even more charitably minded about it.

Dave Holden owns a barbershop in Concord, New Hampshire and has a 12 year-old son afflicted with autism. [Full disclosure: my cousin has Asperger's syndrome, so I have a soft spot for these stories.] When the Edwards story broke, Holden challenged all the candidates to stop by his salon in New Hampshire's capital "city" for a $400 haircut, promising to donate the proceeds to autism research. Only Tancredo, the Huck and Kucinich have taken him up on it so far, but Elizabeth Edwards sent Holden a check for $500 with a note about John's dedication to helping kids, blah, blah, blah. That's $1700 for autism research so far which probably buys, like, 10 seconds of an MRI or something.

Obligatory snark: obviously, they wanted Holden to have the money (and themselves the positive publicity) without any potentially disastrous ramifications for John's pretty, pretty hair.

Haircut Charity Attracts Edwards [NY Times]


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